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Are the toothbrush bristles biodegradable?

No. At the moment plant-based bristle technology is limited, and very expensive. The other option is to use pig hair instead of plastic – but we like animals so we’ve decided to use BPA-free nylon instead. If this bothers you, don’t worry, it bothers us too. We want to make a toothbrush which is 100% biodegradable and we’re working on it.

How do i dispose of my bamboo toothbrush?

Once your new bamboo toothbrush arrives you will want to dispose of your old bamboo toothbrush. Simply pull out the nylon bristles with a pair of pliers and dispose of them responsibly. Then you can compost your toothbrush handle or reuse it – it’s still a perfectly good piece of high grade bamboo!

why bamboo?

Bamboo is strong, versatile, naturally antibacterial and resistent to mould and mildew. It is a key element in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It grows to full height very quickly and can be harvested easily with relatively little effort compared with normal timbers. Bamboo is well known for its eco-friendly applications.

how often should i replace my toothbrush?

Dentists recommend replacing your brush every 2-3 months to maintain proper oral hygiene. It may seem excessive, but an old toothbrush becomes home to lots of bacteria. Frayed bristles are also less effective at cleaning your teeth. This is why you can choose to have your new  toothbrush delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months.

IS your toothbrush environmentaly friendly?

Our bamboo toothbrush handle is 100% biodegradable which is 100% better than using plastic. Yes, our toothbrush bristles are nylon and will be difficult to recycle. This is a problem which we are trying to solve. But it’s a tricky one!

is your packaging recycalable?

Yes, of course. We have also used recycled materials to make as much of our packaging as we can, and kept everything plain and minimal to further reduce environmental impact. Please recycle it responsibly.

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